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Topcon ScanMaster
Designed for you
The GLS-1500’s ScanMaster software is designed for the way you work,developed by experienced scanner operators and optimized with all thefeatures you’ll need. Features include: Scanning control, 3D visualization,registration and simple modeling tools.

Supports all communication with the GLS-1500
The ScanMaster software offers you two solutions for working with datafrom the GLS-1500. In the field if you choose not to capitalize on theinstrument’s standalone operation you can control the scanner by either cable (USB) or WiFi and visualize your data collection in real time.

Use your work style
ScanMaster is a fully user-customizable software which can be setup to bestreflect your chosen working procedures. The software can be used solely to manage your data ready for export into 3rd party modeling packages, or the tools implemented allow the creation of contours, surfaces, sections, points and polylines.

Efficient and transgressive
You can export scan data in a wide variety of file formats for superiorcompatibility. At the very basic level the minimum that ScanMaster software offers is the control and registration of pointclouds, but with the use of the existing surveying and modelling tools it is a modern software that simplifies a traditionally difficult process.

Modern, powerful, effective
Separate the data from the noise. ScanMaster is not only optimised for the Laserscanner office workflow, it has been designed to be fast, efficient and easy to use providing you with all the right tools designed the right way.

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