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Topcon Features

Topcon GLS-1500
Compact, Operator-friendly Laser System
Compact, All-in-one Design
Topcon’s GLS-1500 laser scanner leaves nothing behind — except the competition. The operator-friendly design allows for quick and hassle-free setups which saves time and improves productivity. With batteries and data collector on-board, Topcon’s GLS-1500 is lightweight and cable-free. Transportation is a cinch. While other laser scanners take two people to unload, setup, operate, and load, the GLS-1500 is a one man instrument.                                                                                                    
Small Size, Big Performance
The robust scanner sends out a laser beam that captures data at 30,000 points per second at a range of 730 ft. (223m) to a typical surface, and with an extended range to 1640 ft. (500m) for more reflective surfaces.
On-board Data Collection
The GLS-1500 has an on-board data collector with an LCD display and a 21-key keyboard. This gives the scanner the freedom to function as a stand-alone laser scanner with no connection to a computer.
Eye-safe and Efficient
Use the GLS-1500 anywhere without worrying about damaging the eyes of a passersby. The GLS-1500 uses an invisible, Class 1, eye-safe laser. Scan near airports, busy traffic, and populated areas with no effect to the people or the environment. In addition, the use of a Class 1 invisible laser offers the benefit of low power consumption. With lower power consumption, the GLS-1500 can operate at longer times with fewer battery changes.
Wireless LAN & USB Connectivity
The GLS-1500 offers wireless LAN (802.11b) and USB 2.0 PC connection. With the GLS-1500’s built-in wireless LAN communication, you can control and collect image and scanning data on a PC from your car.
Precise Scan Technology
The GLS-1500 integrates pulse-based time of flight and phase-based technologies to achieve industry leading accuracy and "clean" scan data.
Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera
Reduce the amount of equipment needed in the field with the GLS-1500’s built-in 2.0 megapixel digital camera. Collect sharp and detailed images from the scanning location, or connect to a PC with ScanMaster software and stream a live video feed of the jobsite to aid in scan setup and data acquisition.
Dual Axis Compensators
The use of dual axis compensators allows for more accurate instrument setups and scans. Occupy a known coordinate and backsight so traversing within one coordinate system is possible. Compensators can be turned off for tiltable mounts.
Benefits of the GLS-1500 include:

  • Less point cloud noise

  • The most consistent scanning accuracy

  • The ability to detail slight texture variations

  • Great results at ranges over 730 ft. (223m)

  • Ease of Topcon (.cl3) format widely accepted by most prevalent design platforms

Smooth Workflow with ScanMaster
Complete your data workflow with ScanMaster software. Manipulate your point cloud, capture images and video, complete target scans and tie-point registration, create mesh objects and annotations and more! Quickly deliver a final product with ease.

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