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Topcon’s GLS-1500 laser scanner leaves nothing behind—except the competition. This robust scanner sends out a laser beam that captures data at 30,000 points per second at a range of 730 ft. (223m) to a typical surface, and with an extended range to 1640 ft. (500m) for more reflective surfaces. Unique to Topcon’s GLS-1500 is the mechanical ability to select from multiple lens arrays to control the laser beam. This provides consistent 0.16 in. (4mm) accuracy throughout the range from 3 ft. to 500 ft. (1m to 150m).

FARO® Laser Scanner Focus3D

A portable non-contact measurement system to accurately capture 3D data. The system rotates 360° and measures everything within its line of sight up to 120m away. With a scan rate of 976,000 points per second and an accuracy of up to ±2mm it can be used in a wide range of industries.

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