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Faro Features

FARO® Laser Scanner Focus3D

The  Focus3D  offers  the  most  efficient  method  for  three-dimensional documentation of building construction, excavation volumes, façade and structural deformations, crime scenes, accident details, product geometry,  factories,  process plants  and  more. Given  its  minimal  size and weight as well as touch interface, the Focus3D is easy to work with and saves up to 50% of scan time compared to conventional scanners.

Features of the Focus3D

Intuitive touchscreen display
Control all scanner functions with a touch interface for
unparalleled ease of use and control
Small and compact
 With a size of only 240 x 200 x 100mm and a weight of just
 5.0kg, the Focus3D is the smallest 3D scanner ever built
Integrated color camera
 Photorealistic 3D color scans due to an integrated
 color camera featuring an automatic 70 megapixels
 parallax-free color overlay
High-performance battery
 Integrated lithium-ion battery provides up to five hours
 of battery life and can be charged during operation
Data management
 All data is stored on a SD card enabling easy and
 secure transfer to a PC. Using SCENE WebShare,
 images can be shared on the internet
 An electronic compass is now included within the unit
 to associate directional data to your scans and
 facilitate the auto-registration process
Height Sensor (Altimeter)
 Each scan now includes height information which can
 be used to scan different floor levels in a building. The
 data can then be used to differentiate the floors
Dual Axis Compensator
 To minimize the number of targets needed, the dual
 axis compensator enables every scan to have
 integrated level information

 WLAN remote control permits you to start, stop, view or
 download scans at a distance

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