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3D Laser Scanning
From inexpensive collection practices such as photogrammetry to the decreasing cost of laser scanners, the tools that make 3D capture possible are becoming more available to a wider audience. And as 3D data capture becomes more utilized throughout a variety of industries, workflows are becoming more established, which is leading to an increased understanding of where it can provide value, generally through increased efficiency.

The benefits of 3D data capture are clearly becoming more evident, with 3D data collection increasingly being used to examine how structures can come together, be built, and be actually inhabited more efficiently, in the construction phase, design process and facilities management process.

At IES3D we strive to deliver leading technology that can change the way we design, build and monitor the built environment in the forms of the Topcon GLS-1500 and the FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanners.

The Topcon GLS-1500 provides 30,000 points per second scan rate with accuracy of 4mm at 150m and a 330m maximum scan range, generating highly accurate data at long range.

The FARO Focus 3D is a revolutionary simple and compact 3D Laser Scanning unit that allows quick setup in adverse field conditions. With a scan rate of 976,000 points per second, an accuracy of +-2mm at 25m and a maximum scan range of 120m, the Focus 3D is the perfect solution for short range, highly accurate 3D Data collection in tough field conditions.

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